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Block Progess





Estimate Mining Profits

Calculated on the actual NetworkDifficulty / BlockReward. The calculator uses the following algorithm:

(Hashes/s * 86400 / NetworkDifficulty) * BlockReward = IRD/day

= /day

Supported Reward Systems

After some submitted shares, you can enter your Walletaddress under "Your Stats & Payment History" to change your RewardSystem.

PROP - Proportional (Default)

Like on all other Pools. Every time when a block is found, its reward is split between participants according to the number of shares they submitted.

PPS - Pay Per Share

We pay our Miners on the following Calculation:

PPSReward = BlockReward / NetworkDifficulty * MinerDifficulty * ( 1 - (poolFee + blockFinderBonus / 100))
If you find a block, you will get 5% of the block value as bonus.

Solo Mode

For big Mining Rigs or Nicehash. You will get the complete block minus the poolFee:

Reward = BlockReward * ( 1 - poolFee / 100 )

Your Stats & Payment History

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Hash Rate

Worker Name Hash Rate

Miner Alias

Set an Alias for your Miner which is showed in the Top25 List or in the Workerlist.

Reward System

You can only change your Reward System every 48 hours, we have to do that to prevent cheating.

Donation Fee

You can support the Pool by setting a Donation Fee.

Payout level

If you prefer a higher payout level than the pool's default then this is where you can change it for your miners. (Minimum payout: )


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